– JUKI – Fx-2 – Rear Side Operation, Trolley Frontal Entry (year 2010)

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JUKI FX-2- YEAR 2010
FX-2 is equipped with an LNC60 laser alignment sensor to recognize a component, so that it can palce components on boards at higher speed than an exsting FX-1R by approximately 20% .  FX-2 is a high-speed modular mounter  whose component placement capability is approximately 30,000 CPH (IPC9850 standards) . FX-2 is equipped with 2 heads: one head can place a component on a board while another one is picking a component. A feeder, nozzle and production program to be used with an FX-2 is compatible with those with KE series product, when you combine an FX-2 with a KE-series mounter, it can function as a high-speed modular mounter that supports production line control via the network.
– 24.916,2 hours of use
Board dimensions
Board transport reference position
Board transport height
L size (410×360mm)
Front position, rear position
900mm±20mm, 950mm±20mm
Component height
Component size
SC ( 6mm )
0402 (01005)~□33.5mm
 Two multi laser heads
12 nozzles
Placement speed (chip)
0.09Sec./chip (40,000CPH)
Placement accuracy (Laser recognition)
Feeder inputs
Max. 80 on 8mm T/F
Air pressure:  0.5± 0.05 Mpa Dry air ( Atmospheric pressure dew point = -17°Cor lower )
Environmental conditions → Ambient temperature: +10°C to 35 °C – Humidity: 50% RH or lower (at 35°C )
Storage enviromental conditions → Temperature: – 15°C to + 70°C – Humidity: 20% to 95% RH
Three Production mode available: PWB production, Trial run, Dry run
Power Supply:
3-phase, 200 V, 220V, 340V, 400V and 415 V AC (Change of a transformer tap allows you to switch the voltage. The voltage is set according to the destination the machine is shipped to at the factory.)
50/60 Hz
Voltage variation tolerance
± 10 %
Maximum rated apparent power
12 kVA
Primary-side power supply cable size
8 mm² or larger
Protective grounding conductor size
8 mm² or larger